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Joomla Day 2012 in Germany - Come to meet and talk!

  • The business day will be held on 5 October with the participation of agencies, professional Joomla users, and developers.
  • The community day will happen on 6 October, with all Joomla users.

Where and how?

  • Get your passport and visa ready college assignment helper
  • essay on critism. There are 3 kinds of ticket:
    • Joomla all-day ticket: Price: €74.00 including VAT 19.00% (€11.82)
    • Joomla BusinessDay ticket: Price: €69.00 including VAT 19.00% (€11.02)
    • Joomla CommunityDay ticket: Price: €10.00 including VAT 19.00% (€1.60)
  • Book plane tickets to Germany or travel to Joomla Day German by train, car, etc.
  • Find a good hotel close to the location of Joomla Day. There is a essay about campus of hotels within a 3km radius for you to consider. The price range of these hotels is from €59 to €94.
  • Take note of the location where Joomla Day will happen

How to contribute to Joomla Day 2012 Germany?

  • Contribute as a sponsor. They offer different ways of how to write critical essays: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors.
  • You also could contribute to promote this event by getting the Jooma! Day 2012 Germany banners shown on your website.

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